What is Valentine’s Day?

Flowers, a card and a meal out? It’s origins belie a mixed history. The day of romance is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but it’s beginnings can be found in the Roman holiday of Lupercalia. This was a pastoral festival held on 15th February to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility.

Ancient rituals have been adulterated with a modern commercial twist. 

The special day falls on a ‘school night’ this year so do we crack open a bottle of fizz? Fuzzy head at half past week! We have realised that we are officially a ‘Coople’, a term used in an illustration by the very talented Jessie Cave. It goes something like this… Jed & Emma have been together for 9 years. They are one of those infuriatingly happy and committed cooples who live for the moment someone asks “how did you meet?”

Deep down we all like the high we get from making others feel special, but how we feel about ourselves is where that happiness truly stems from.

Enjoy February 14th, whether you’ve planned for it or not.

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The Photo-less Photo-shoot – no photos… guaranteed!

Friday 27th May 2016, 10.00am – 12noon – Bury St Edmunds
£19.99 per person.

If you dislike being photographed and are less than happy with the results, then this seminar is for you!

Change your thinking and learn to ‘Love Your Image’.

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Number are limited, so BOOK NOW to secure you place!
Get in touch by phone or email – 0845 257 2038 – design@pennymorgan.co.uk

Turn what you learn to your advantage, for business and pleasure – come and find out:

  • Where the dislike comes from
  • Guest speaker Linda Barbour – Calm, confident you
  • Learn valuable tips for being in front of the camera
  • Discover the lasting benefits to both work and personal life
  • Boost your confidence


“Really enjoyed it and format was good. Felt there was privacy to sit in the audience and just watch, listen and then to chat afterwards. Great use of assistant, really helped get message across in a humorous and visual way.” – K.N.

Friday 27th May 2016 – 10am – 12noon.

The Active Business Centre, Bury St Edmunds.

Cost and how to book.
£19.99 per person, includes VAT and tea/coffee.

Places are limited, so book your seat NOW.
Phone: 0845 257 2038
Email: design@pennymorgan.co.uk

For more information, please visit our website page.

This seminar is part of the ‘Love Your Image’ program.

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If you feel you would like to go on and complete the program, all attendees of the seminar will qualify to book their photography session at a special rate – come and find out!


Profile photography day – 17th May 2016

Another head shot day is set for 17th May, at The Bury Farmers Club and in conjunction with The Best of Bury St Edmunds.

If you would like to update, refresh, or have brand new profile images, take advantage of this day. You can stay ahead of your competition buy having great profile photographs that represent you and your business – suitable for print, website and social media!

Individual sessions will be up to three quarters of an hour and you can book your session time by getting in touch and reserving a space. Your shoot will include 3 high resolution images of your choice from the edited selection. These will be available to view in a private online folder and always the option to purchase more if you wish. Choices will be made available to download from the website.

Special prices for this day are £90 for Best of Bury members and £100 for non members – prices include VAT.


To book your session, contact me by email – design@pennymorgan.co.uk, or phone 0845 257 2038.

Deposit payment of £50 will be required to secure your session and payment details will be provided together with a VAT invoice.


The Photo less Photo shoot – no photos… guaranteed!

Tues 22nd March 2016, 5.45pm – 7.45pm – Bury St Edmunds
£24.99 per person including refreshments.

If you dislike being photographed and are less than happy with the results, then this seminar is for you!

Change your thinking and learn to ‘Love Your Image’.

Happy ladies from Love Your Image

Do you love your image?


BOOK NOW! – Go to booking page.

Turn what you learn to your advantage, for business and pleasure – come and find out:

  • Where the dislike comes from
  • Guest speaker Linda Barbour – Calm, confident you
  • Learn valuable tips for being in front of the camera
  • Discover the lasting benefits to both work and personal life
  • Boost your confidence


Love Your Image logo



This seminar is part of the 
‘Love Your Image’ program.
If you feel you would like to go on and complete the program, all attendees will qualify to book their photography session at a special rate – come and find out!

   Tues 22nd March 2016, 5.45pm – 7.45pm.

Where – and how to get there.
   The Active Business Centre, Bury St Edmunds

Cost and how to book.
   £24.99 per person, includes VAT and refreshment.

Places are limited, so book your seat NOW – Go to booking page.

For more information, please visit our website page

Is it all in our heads…?

This blog is asking people to think about their profile image on social media, whether you’re representing yourself personally, or in a business capacity. I’ve started asking people at events and networking what first impressions they draw when making new connections on social media?

Photographs on these platforms can be clear, up to date, friendly, approachable, even creative and quirky! However, many are also, unclear, dark, out of date, too far away, doubtful in expression… or missing altogether – we call these people ‘Mr Grey-face’!

So the question is, if someones photograph causes you to draw a first impression of that person, what does your image say about you? If you are in business, or represent a company, have you ever considered people’s first impressions about you and does it have an impact on your business?

A head shot is a window into our personality – does yours reflect the true person?

What first impression do you want to make?

This autumn on Tuesday, October 20th and Wednesday, November 4th, you can come and find the unique way I get the best from people and have fresh/new profile images sorted in either Bury St Edmunds, or Mellis.

To book your place on either of these dates, please call me on 0845 257 2038, or email design@pennymorgan.co.uk. 


The Photoless Photoshoot – no photos… guaranteed!

Wed 19th August 5.45pm – 7.45pm – Bury St Edmunds – £15 per person including light refreshments.

Why do we hate being photographed?

Why do we think we are not photogenic?

And can we do anything about it!

Turn what you learn to your advantage, for business and pleasure – come and find out!

Do you love your image?

Do you love your image?

Change your thinking with this two hour presentation and learn to ‘Love Your Image’.

BOOK NOW! Go to booking page.

* Find out where the dislike comes from

* Learn some valuable tips on being in front of a camera

* Discover the lasting benefits to yourself and your business

* Boost your confidence

* Never worry about being photographed again!


This presentation is part of the ‘Love Your Image’ program and all attendees will have the opportunity to book this shoot at a special rate – come and find out!

Wednesday 19th August 2105, 5.45pm – to 7.45pm.

Where (and how to get there)?
The Active Business Centre, Bury St Edmunds

Cost (and how to book)?
£15 per person, (plus booking fee), includes VAT and light refreshment.
Places are limited, so book your place here NOW – Go to booking page.



A – Z Photography tips and information … ‘E’

‘E’ is for ‘err… a bit of a delay since the last in this series, however I’m back on it now!

So ‘E’ firstly is for ‘exposure’. Do you understand what exposure means and is determined by on your camera? Let me clarify/simplify it a little for you. Three main things determine the exposure of shot:

Aperture – discussed under ‘A’
Shutter speed – will be discussed further on
ISO – or your cameras sensor speed and sensitivity.

‘Over’ exposed mean your image has had too much light allowed in and the results will be too bright and ‘under’ exposed means just the opposite – not enough light allowed in resulting in your image being too dark.

If you leave your camera on ‘auto’, this decides on the above three settings for you, according to the composition you are framing up. Understanding how to gain a good exposure also involves getting your head round your cameras metering – which I will cover further on.

Have attached a couple of very random examples of both over and under exposed images.

Over exposed Over exposed

Better exposed. Better exposed.

Under exposed. Under exposed.

Better exposed. Better exposed.


‘E’ is also for ‘expressions’ – in my opinion capturing a natural expression in people photography, is what rates a successful image and one that people will like of themselves, whether it’s smiling or serious. There can be a very fine line between a truly natural expression in a person and the one that displays a degree of tension, stiffness, or just not appearing quite comfortable. This is why many people like images of themselves when they didn’t know a photograph was being taken and their attention was elsewhere. Many many times, I see people become quickly uncomfortable as soon as a camera is produced!

So consider this, among other reasons, it can be a self perpetuating thing. You see an image you don’t like of yourself and next time you’r e in front of a camera, consciously or not, tension creeps in and you don’t know where to look or how to be – indeed, you may put on a brave face, but inside are wishing the whole process was over… and it shows! So you see yet another image of yourself you’re not particularly happy with and so it repeats itself – you just resign to thinking you don’t take a good photograph.

But, who was in charge of the camera, did they try to put you at ease and guide you how to stand/pose? The feeling ‘uncomfortable’ only likely crept in when the camera appeared (unless you were already not in the best of moods)!

People are a lot more photogenic than they think!! 


That Cycling Challenge…

You may recall I blogged back at the beginning of April about a cycling challenge I was committing to in order to raise funds for Action Medical Research. Well it all happened and the whole experience was definitely worth writing about. Not only about the experience, but also the parallels I drew from running my own business.

Have to go back to February when training started, after a potent cold, but itching to get back on my bike! As the weekends were the only real opportunities to do any distance, we started with a 30 miler, which was sort of within my capabilities then. I say ‘we’, my partner and I took the opportunity to go out together, where he helped pace me and initially take some of the hard work out of cycling into cold head winds. Each weekend, we would increase the distances… 36, 51, 55, 62, 71, and finally an 82. Some of these weeks, we would do a similar distance two weeks running, before increasing. During the week, would try and get out when I could and keep the legs turning and would be anywhere between 10 and 30 miles.

During this time, in addition to dealing with cold temperatures and blustery winter winds, we were chased by a St Bernard dog and had to turn on the pace very quickly! I fell off one day after mis-judging a junction and not getting out of my cleats in time, but mortified to find I’d holed a brand new pair of cycling tights (doh!). Managed to get rather dehydrated on the 80 miler and half way round was wondering if I would get home. Fortunately after stopping in Elmswell and buying water and lucozade sport, managed to get enough energy back to finish. Also discovered when tired, how much I wanted to curse my (lovely partner) personal trainer and warned him to ignore me if I did!!

Lessons learned!!

However, further lessons had to be covered in how to remove both front and back wheels to repair road side punctures, which did happen on one of my training rides.

Also learned how to feed myself along the way. It was no fun in eating too much at a fuel stop and then feeling very sick on the first hill after setting out again! Recovery drinks and food once you’ve finished, plus stretching exercises, are all important to help your energy levels afterwards.

An unexpected occurrence was that the distance rides interrupted my sleep at night… not what you think really, so tiredness was a factor to endure to also keep working.

Yes there was the feeling of incredible well being the day after, so it kind of balanced itself out. So fitness increased and so did my average speed 🙂 Was taught how to keep the cadence going and how to attack and handle hills. Oh believe me, Suffolk has hills! It might not be quite the Lake District, but still!

So challenge day was with us on May 10th – up at 5am to get ready and down to Framlingham College, in time to sign in and register and get ready to leave in one of the early waves at 7.30am. There were three different distances people had signed up to do and we were on the 100 miler. Although we set of together, it was never the plan to do the challenge together, my effort was all about pacing it so I could complete the course… and him indoors, wanted to get round in the best time he could achieve.

At the start line

The day was forecast to be good as far as sunshine and temperature; however the winds were going to be a bit blustery. All the training truly paid off!! Enjoyed the large part and made sure I kept hydrated, and fueled. Even found myself watching all the different cycling shirts around and the most amusing one read ‘The fat lad at the back’!

The first segment was about 20 miles, with a fuel stop at Sutton, all good so far, with some encouraging words from a friend! Second segment was about 33 miles and the longest. Along the way came across couples, individuals and several cycling groups came streaming past, but largely did it on my own. The second stop was at Leiston and when I turned into the venue, a sea of lycra and bikes met my eyes!!! More to drink and eat and still felt ok. The third segment was about 25 miles which took us to Metfield and after a brief drink, eat and loo stop got on my way for the last push. After enjoying a tail wind while travelling up the coast, now had a side wind and shortly after Metfield the route took a sharp turn left and headed south again. This was straight into a head wind and a hill! So the last 20 miles were hard… and there were more hills. I started counting down the miles… after a left turn in the last 10, with a steep hill ahead noticed a paramedic car on the side of the road… thinking good idea! The steep hills saw my speed reduced to just over 6 mph, but could never stop and get off… never! Things were starting to ache… I don’t really remember which, probably felt like everything. The signpost ‘FRAMLINGHAM’ appeared, oh joy, nearly back!

The finish line!

So entering the college gates, to see my lovely partner waiting for me and waving his arms and I was timed over the line at 8 hours and 24 mins – JOB DONE!!!! Actual cycling time was 6 hours 48 minutes which gave me an average of about 15.1mph, was pleased and within the time I’d hoped.

After getting off my bike and trying to walk back to the car, found I couldn’t walk up straight and kept leaning forward as if on my bike 🙂 – So big sense of achievement! Never felt so tired in all my life that evening, but kudos to the training, bounced back the next day and did a 12 mile recovery ride.


This time last year, wouldn’t have believed I could do this and now looking for the next challenge. So like all the challenges of running your own business, have learned never to underestimate what you can achieve if you try. Yes there will hard times; yes you will get a few things wrong and want to give up along the way, but by preparing and getting it right, you’d be surprised what you can do.

If any of this has helped you, it’s not too late to donate to Action Medical Research, the children they support have much bigger hurdles to address.


Thank you for reading.

Can you help me reach the finish line on the 10th May…?

Somewhat nervous, but hooked all the same, have set myself a challenge to cycle the Suffolk 100 on May 10th this year – www.action.org.uk/suffolk-sunrise-100

Action Medical Research are a great cause to raise funds for and I would really be encouraged not to give up, when every part of me is hurting, if I know by doing this, not only as a personal challenge, will be raising money for this charity.

Now while I love cycling, the thought of spending a minimum of 7 hours in the saddle to cover the 100 miles, is seriously daunting… there will be hills… yes Suffolk has hills (!)… and would really appreciate your help with whatever you feel you can donate.

The link to my donation page is – www.action.org.uk/sponsor/pennymorganphotography

Cycle challenge

Cycle challenge

Thank you all in advance :)… can I be the fastest female photographer on 2 wheels?


A-Z photography tips and information… D

D … Is for DO’s and DON’Ts –

DON’T underestimate how good an image you can take. Did you see the head shot images under the previous blog (‘C’ is for Confidence) and think, perfectly achievable for ‘others’ but not for you? Have you asked yourself why? Why can everyone else seem to take good photographs but not you – so what does that tell you? Could you identify why you feel like this?

In the past, did you have a bad experience, or did you see a photograph of yourself you didn’t like?

DO read the previous blog – ‘C’ for Confidence.

DO consider that you can change the way you feel – by having an enjoyable photo shoot with an experienced photographer, getting better results, be given the right information to help you understand – could you see yourself in a better light?

DO explore why you might dislike being photographed, or your opinion of your image.

DO ask yourself, what it would take for me to change the way I feel/think about my image?

DO consider, everything you DON’T like about your photograph, is actually what makes you different and unique and pretty dam good! – DO give yourself a break!


D is also for Depth of Field – now don’t switch off and think, I’ve heard of that and it sounds technical! Depth of field is a term used for the amount, or range of your composition that is in focus i.e. from front to back. It is mainly achieved or influenced by the aperture used (talked about under the letter ‘A’), focusing distance and your camera type. I’ve attached a couple of samples; the first has quite a large depth of field, showing most of the famous Sydney Opera House in focus and the second is a shallow depth of field – the petal and stamen of the foreground poppy are sharp, where the poppies behind are definitely not.

Sydney Opera House