Monthly Archives: December 2011

Advent blog… last day! December 24th

Hope everyones build up to Christmas has been fun and not too stressful. This final image is the chinese lantern we sent up, containing messages to people who are very special to us.

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you and yours all share some love and happiness over the festive break.

Advent blog… December 21st

As it’s the shortest day of the year, I wanted to share a sunrise, taken not far from my home, at a point it breaks the horizon in mid winter, behind this tree. From now on, it will gradually move back to the left and break earlier… roll on longer days!

Not having a good site line for sunsets where I live, so have to make a point of going out to find them (reference 9th Decembers blog!). The second image was actually taken a few years ago from the very northern end of Australia… which is taking things slightly to the extreme as I’m sure I can find (and will) great sunsets closer to home!

Advent blog… December 20th

While on holiday, I got up early to try and catch the Heron fishing on the river. I’d already chosen my spot to sit hidden on the bank… and I waited… and I waited… but no luck that morning. The only shot I did get was as he flew overhead, so at least I did see him… fleetingly!

In fairness, I don’t really have a long enough lens at the moment for wildlife shots, but I still can’t resist trying! So I turned my attention to the river and really like the two shots, that follow. The first was playing with a very shallow depth of field. The next one, I had turned my attention to reflections in the water and just loved how the photo turned out. A real ‘water painting’ type image of a tree reflection – happy days!


Advent blog… December 19th

A little bit off the wall, but what can you see?

After a delivery of wood today, (there’s a pattern following in some of these advent posts!) reminded me of some shots I took where I kept spotting faces. This often happens to me where a completely random face or figure turns up in some  form of nature.

My partner, could also see other things in the abstract shapes created by the wood, so I’m interested in what other people can see?

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Advent blog… December 18th

Having just baked a cake today, reminded me of some shots I took while sharing time with family and friends. One of them had made the most beautiful chocolate cake… so with fresh pots of tea and coffee to accompany, the cake was devoured. But the most important thing was the great time being shared with people you are close to and so relevant with Christmas round the corner.

I would like to wish that for all of you this time next week… whatever your tiple on the day!

Advent blog… December 16th

In contrast to the very damp (festive?) weather we currently have, thought I’d share some early morning shots (and a big splash of colour!) I took earlier in the year of poppies, at their best in my garden. Was playing with a very shallow depth of field and really like the little droplets of water in focus on the petals.

Spot the bee in each image, hovering close by.