Monthly Archives: June 2012

Very beautiful cupcakes…

Not only did we have a great time in London over the Jubilee weekend, we also photographed a selection of cupcakes for Tiers of Indulgence.

This was Terry’s assignment and while I did pick up the camera once or twice, was mainly acting in the role of guide/support/assistant… and general dogsbody 🙂

When someone is learning and finding their own feet with a particular task, to take time, practise, experiment, discuss and not get stressed, all helped and his results were excellent …. plus we got to eat some of the models!!!

So much so, that he’s done some more this weekend, which Nicky from Tiers of Indulgence has already put on her facebook page.



Diss Express Beautiful Baby Competition…

So at the end of last year, I was one of the sponsors of the annual Diss Express Beautiful Baby Competition.

One of the winners recently had their photo shoot prize, well…. baby Amber brought her parents, Marie and David along with her for a studio based session and mum and dad were particularly delighted with the results.

Little Amber seemed to enjoy it too….

When people enjoy their shoot, it makes my job a lot easier, as the happiness is evident in the photographs and helps for a lot longer attention span from little ones… plus when you receive very positive feedback, makes my job so rewarding!