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The ‘Elephant’ in the room… a photographers focus.

So for the last two years, I’ve talked about getting to grips with changing how we feel about being photographed. Discovering just how many dislike it and/or the results, has been both eye opening and yet strangely not a surprise.

After developing the program ‘Love Your Image’, to help people who don’t like being photographed change this mind-set, has been an interesting and rewarding journey. Just about everyone thinks it’s a good idea and most will talk about it on a ‘general’ level, but how open would you want to be to discuss this subject on a much more personal level? No so much I find. Often what we don’t like about our image may feel somewhat trivial or connected with vanity and nobody really wants to admit to being vain? I hear so many different stories of why people don’t like their photograph taken, but if you are in business, can you afford to be an Eeore about it?

Being aware of your ‘Mind-set’ is being applied to many things these days and how you present yourself in images IS hugely important. Therefore so is changing your mind-set in front of the camera… and change it YOU CAN… this is something that is within an individuals reach regardless of how you have felt… perhaps for many years? With the right help and guidance you can do this.

To change how you feel and be among a growing group who have learned to ‘Love Their Image’ has MANY rewards. It’s neither trivial nor vain to decide to address this and the benefits are considerable.

The first step of the journey is:

  • Learning and understanding ‘why’ we arrive at such an attitude.
  • Useful tips on ‘how’ to be in front of the camera and why they work!

… and when you feel brave enough…

  • A photo-shoot – that only you see the results, until you are ready to share.
And that’s just the start, to making it a permanent change.

This doesn’t ask anything more of you than a willingness to be open minded to change.

So consider this… and its nothing to do with your size… can the ‘Elephant’ in your room be ignored any longer…?

Elephant In The Room

Photograph copyright of Penny Morgan Photography

Supporting less fortunate children

I wanted to help promote my friend Pauline, who, on 8th April will be going to Nepal to support the work of a foundation that is commited to improving the life chances of children in lower caste families by giving them an education. This is not a ‘gap year’ charity – they actively seek the support of people who have skills and education to give. Pauline has spent all her working life in the care, support and education of children and her contibution to this project will be very valuable.

Please click here for further details about the project.

She does need to raise a small amount of funding prior to going and as times are hard for everyone is inviting people to The Big Brunch on Sunday 20th March, at her home in Burgate. The cost will be £7 per person and will be serving a full English breakfast, home made cakes, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, from 10.30am until 2pm.

She does need to know numbers in advance, so if you are interested please email her at

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.