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February 2008

A first blog entry to record the beginning. Equipment, Canon 5D, 24-105mm lens. My first weeks/months were purely experimental, getting used to my 5D. Some interesting shots and happy accidents along the way i.e. _MG_589.jpg, was definitely a moment to simply pick up camera (very quickly), attach a brand new flash unit (that I barely new how to use) and shoot. Ok, its exposure needed some adjusting in Photoshop. _MG_641.jpg was another unique moment spotted; the look on the bees face says it all, again the exposure had to be adjusted in Photoshop.
A trip to Australia in 2007 gave further opportunities; if I new then what I know now, some of my photos would have been different, but thats all part of it. With several hundred pictures to edit, so far only the Perth folder is online. However, Northern Territory and Sydney (yes that will include the Opera House, who doesnt) will follow as soon as possible.
Since Australia, an opportunity to photograph a contemporary dance group at a technical rehearsal (more on that when I can get them edited).
Am trying my arm at portraits and weddings soon; anything goes. I will attempt, along the way to include any potentially useful/up to date photography information.