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Suffolk Hunt Pony Club – Peter Pan Hunter Trial and Showjumping…

Did I mention a busy summer so far…? Wanted to share with you the fun of covering this event for the Suffolk Hunt Pony Club on the 23rd June – now my pony club days are a few decades ago… and was with the Thetford Chase branch, BUT, I still have my rosettes, which are truly treasured.

This branch of the pony club have their base in the grounds of the beautiful Ickworth Park. Having visited the venue and course previously had some idea of where the best shots would be, but as the sun gradually moves round during the day, so the best positions change. Plus I wanted to catch a good variety of fences, rather than sticking with the same ones for most classes.

Light, angle and a good mix of experience all help capture great action photographs, so have shared quite a selection with you and hope they bring that sense of excitement, challenge and fun that you can have if horses are your love.

We had an Olympian in our midst! Caroline Powell took a couple of her horses round the bigger classes.

Have included a link for anyone wishing to know more about the pony club.

The unexpected thing from the many photographs that went online from this event was the amount of traffic I subsequently got to my website. Ok, there were quite a few competitors, but across 5 days, had around 6,000 unique visits!

A big congratulations to Terry, who bravely covered as much of the show jumping as possible, while I was out on the cross country course. Thrown in at the deep end, he did really well.


‘It’s a long way down…’


Concentration… one of the shots Terry captured in the showjumping.


Another one of Terry’s, this pony knew how to look straight at the camera!


Love this young ladies determination…


Further round the cross country course… some very solid logs…


I did mention enjoyment…


This pair were very much in harmony…


Having your tongue out, helps get over the fence…


Heading for home…


Some excellent riding…


Beautifully cleared….


and then a few steering problems…


A well deserved winner in the showjumping…


Eagerly into the water…


Stretching for home…


Coming out of the wood…


Olympian Caroline Powell…


The pairs are soo much fun…!


You’ve both got to clear the fences…


Well cleared…


Go faster mum…!


I love the ponies…



Covering Dressage Competitions at Topthorn Arena…

Topthorn Arena is the popular Equestrian Centre, near Stonham in Suffolk. With a large indoor school, they run frequent and well attended competitions.

I went down recently and photographed a dressage competition. As nobody has been able to get their horses out recently because of the snow, there were not the usual number of competitors, which was ideal to run a test shoot.

After adjusting for light levels and movement, got my ‘eye’ in and have attached a few of the results.

I’m happy to say, there was interest in the images taken that day, especially as it was meant to be a trial shoot and was not expecting too much success. So… this Sunday I will be attending again… and there are many more competitors this time.

What I love alongside the photography, is the stories behind the horse and rider partnerships. I feel more blogging material here!

Good luck to all who compete – looking forward to catching some good shots.

Beautiful profile, so willing...
Beautiful profile, so willing…

One of the worthy winners!
One of the worthy winners!


Competitors going through their tests.
Competitors going through their tests.




Finished... with a well deserved thankyou!
Finished… with a well deserved thankyou!