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Fine Art Cards…

Several of my photographs have been printed into fine art cards, which I wanted to share with you.

Except one, all are taken in and around Suffolk.

It started with the idea of having something smaller to sell and hand out when doing fairs and exhibitions, therefore somewhat of an experiment. Also an opportunity to display another side of my photography work.

A few weeks ago I ran a small survey on social media, asking which they thought from a choice of five (at the time) would make the best wall hanging piece. The results were quite the opposite to my thoughts and was invaluable help for which one was finally chosen.

The piece was duly made (which I photographed) and donated as a raffle prize at a Ladies Evening run by the Heritage Well Being Centre at Nowton Court, just outside Bury St Edmunds. A goodly sum of money was raised for the St Nicholas Hospice 🙂

Before I share (another blog I feel) which one came out tops, I would much appreciate your comments and thoughts on the images. Which ones are your favourites and (if you know) why?

River Reflections

Winter Sunrise

Sunset Grasses

Autumn Boat

Spring Poppy

Woodland Footpath

Squirrel Foraging

Sunset Grasses (2)

Summer Wild Flowers

Wild Garlic

Christmas Collection (1)

Christmas Collection (2)

Christmas Collection (3)

Christmas Collection (4)

Christmas Collection (5)

Anyone recognise where a few of these were taken….?

Advent blog… December 21st

As it’s the shortest day of the year, I wanted to share a sunrise, taken not far from my home, at a point it breaks the horizon in mid winter, behind this tree. From now on, it will gradually move back to the left and break earlier… roll on longer days!

Not having a good site line for sunsets where I live, so have to make a point of going out to find them (reference 9th Decembers blog!). The second image was actually taken a few years ago from the very northern end of Australia… which is taking things slightly to the extreme as I’m sure I can find (and will) great sunsets closer to home!

Advent Blog… December 10th

While walking through the Abbey Gardens in Bury in Autumn, this little squirrel  hops towards me, stopped, posed… then threw a look that said ‘well hurry up, I haven’t got all day’… so I shot him… with my camera!

We sometimes get horses tethered out on the common – so early one frosty morning, I liked the light behind these two beautiful ponies and ended up with a bit of accidental lens flare, that for me added to the mood of the photo.

Advent Blog… December 4th

Back to the snow theme… cannot resist building snowmen… or in this case a snow woman. With no pre-concept how ‘it’ should turn out earlier this year, the snow was just right for building and our very regal looking lady took shape! She stood for many days next to the driveway, looking out across the common… until she melted and her head fell off!

Anne Boleyn perhaps??

Advent Blog… December 1st

As we’ve reached December and many people have started their build up to Christmas, I thought I’d start an advent blog. Will try and post one or two images a day which could be anything from a Christmas/winter theme, to remembering particular dates and events throughout the year, so watch this space…

This is one of our garden residents having a spot of lunch and doesn’t need much introducing… forgive me if it’s slightly smudged, but was taken through glass!