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Perceptions of value.

What do you consider to be a bargain?

What is ‘good value’ – buy cheap buy twice?

We are bombarded with offers, reductions, sales, time limited deals, bogof, interest free & deferred payment.

Pricing for the modern consumer is a minefield of pitfalls for the SME. If you pitch a low price quote then you may be perceived as ‘too cheap’, on the other hand charge too much and you may put yourself out of the consumers budget.

Even after you have submitted a competitive quote there could be further ‘negotiation’. We would like a discount. But can we feasibly work for minimum wage, does it make your business viable?

If you truly believe the work/product that you produce meets the standards expected by the client then why do people feel so awkward in their pricing structure reflecting that high standard? Despite researching and obtaining a comprehensive brief from the client and meeting the exact specifications of the proposal how many providers have gulped and lost confidence at the prepared quote?

Preparing and calculating for all the possible scenarios and outcomes is a time consuming exercise and ultimately is comes down to the perception of value in your work. If providers do themselves a disservice then why should the client respect the value of their product?

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Latest Special Offer – for Weddings

Weddings booked before the 31st December 2011 and the event happening before 31st August 2012, get 10% OFF. This includes your images ordered within 2 months of the wedding. Please note: card framed prints are not included in this offer as they already have excellent discounts available for multiple orders.

For further details please go to the ‘booking & pricing’ page – this offer will be subject to availability, so please get in touch if you think we can help.

This includes the special ‘Alternative Option’ for wedding photography, please get in touch to find out more.