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Photography Art Exhibition… from 1st May

Well this is a first, some of my work will be displayed at The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, from the beginning of May, in a photography art exhibition called ‘All The Worlds a Stage’ – running for the whole month.

On the strength of a particular project on ‘Shadows’, that I add too from time to time, was invited to take part.

While there is not a great deal of publicity currently out there, apart from a brief mention on The Apex website and the exhibition company’s site, all those taking part will have gone through their submission process. This has meant, choosing which pieces to display, in what medium, framing and at what size… add to this writing a statement about the work and naming the display pieces. Might sound easy, but has been quite an extrodinary process.

The inspiration behind the work was always there… how it came about is one of those endless sources of excitement, when you discover what’s been created and what it reveals. There is already a second phase to the work that has been created, although won’t be displayed yet.

Two colleagues of mine, Paul Cooklin and Steve Stoddart, will also have work on show and am quite excited to see which of their pieces are being entered.

More will be posted more nearer May…