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Advent blog… December 20th

While on holiday, I got up early to try and catch the Heron fishing on the river. I’d already chosen my spot to sit hidden on the bank… and I waited… and I waited… but no luck that morning. The only shot I did get was as he flew overhead, so at least I did see him… fleetingly!

In fairness, I don’t really have a long enough lens at the moment for wildlife shots, but I still can’t resist trying! So I turned my attention to the river and really like the two shots, that follow. The first was playing with a very shallow depth of field. The next one, I had turned my attention to reflections in the water and just loved how the photo turned out. A real ‘water painting’ type image of a tree reflection – happy days!


Advent Blog… December 12th

Todays images are remembering two very special people.

Just like butterflies, they were beautiful and much loved by all who knew them.

Butterflies always visit the Buddleia flowers when in bloom in my garden. They move so quickly, you have to be very patient to capture them, but it’s fun and rewarding when you get a really good image… so I’ll keep trying!

Advent Blog… December 6th

Late in the day, but still just in time for todays advent posting! First thing this morning I attended a networking breakfast at Wattisham Airfield and heard quite a bit about the role of the airbase within the Suffolk community, and operations out in Afghanistan. This reminded me of an opportunity I had to photograph the Sea King and Apache helicopters based at Wattisham, during an open day. The displays were very impressive as the pilots put these incredible machines through their paces…