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Advent Blog… December 5th

As we head into the party season, it reminded me of a summer ball I photographed this year. The theme was ‘Moulin Rouge’ and with most people in fancy dress, it was a fantastic evening.

Stilt walkers, jugglers, can-can dancers, Master of Ceremonies, casino tables… they were all there. So I wanted to share two of my favourities – one of the dancers and one of the guests… with a very fetching hat!

Wedding Photography – Another Option …

At the beginning of this year, after a short presentation I had given at a business lunch in Bury St Edmunds, Victoria introduced herself and asked if I could help on a special photo shoot. She and her fiancé Rob were getting married in March this year in Scotland. However, it wasn’t to photograph their wedding day, as they had decided not to hire the services of a photographer for the event. Instead, a fortnight later, they were having a party close to their new home in Suffolk, to celebrate their marriage with family and friends. Many had been unable to travel to the highlands for the big day. Planning to once again dress in their wedding finery, she asked if I could help. After a short discussion, we agreed I would go over just before midday and spend an hour photographing the couple at their house.

It couldn’t have worked out better, having allowed enough time, so they could relax and enjoy some special time together. Their home and garden is where they are very happy and provided some good areas for photographs. Surrounded by everything familiar and not torn between, spending time with their guests and a photographer wanting to drag them away at every moment. I recall hearing a neighbour’s music playing that helped the fun we had in that hour. ‘Olivia’ the cat afforded us a little of her time also…

Victoria and Rob’s happiness together is very clear to see and the photographs from that shoot are as special as the day they got hitched.

Wattisham Officers summer ball

Themed parties are so popular now and I thoroughly enjoy capturing the mood of an evening such as this.

Can Can dancer


While I love blurring the dancers, equally enjoy capturing the clarity of another …

Moulin Rouge themed entertainment








The casino




The entertainment was a very high standard, with some great photographic opportunities.




More images from the entertainment of this evening  http://pennymorgan.photoshelter.com/gallery/Wattisham-Officers-Ball-Entertainment/G0000BFrzDRY_0Rg/P0000JAI8x7b4vGA