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A-Z photography tips and information… D

D … Is for DO’s and DON’Ts –

DON’T underestimate how good an image you can take. Did you see the head shot images under the previous blog (‘C’ is for Confidence) and think, perfectly achievable for ‘others’ but not for you? Have you asked yourself why? Why can everyone else seem to take good photographs but not you – so what does that tell you? Could you identify why you feel like this?

In the past, did you have a bad experience, or did you see a photograph of yourself you didn’t like?

DO read the previous blog – ‘C’ for Confidence.

DO consider that you can change the way you feel – by having an enjoyable photo shoot with an experienced photographer, getting better results, be given the right information to help you understand – could you see yourself in a better light?

DO explore why you might dislike being photographed, or your opinion of your image.

DO ask yourself, what it would take for me to change the way I feel/think about my image?

DO consider, everything you DON’T like about your photograph, is actually what makes you different and unique and pretty dam good! – DO give yourself a break!


D is also for Depth of Field – now don’t switch off and think, I’ve heard of that and it sounds technical! Depth of field is a term used for the amount, or range of your composition that is in focus i.e. from front to back. It is mainly achieved or influenced by the aperture used (talked about under the letter ‘A’), focusing distance and your camera type. I’ve attached a couple of samples; the first has quite a large depth of field, showing most of the famous Sydney Opera House in focus and the second is a shallow depth of field – the petal and stamen of the foreground poppy are sharp, where the poppies behind are definitely not.

Sydney Opera House