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Advent blog… December 19th

A little bit off the wall, but what can you see?

After a delivery of wood today, (there’s a pattern following in some of these advent posts!) reminded me of some shots I took where I kept spotting faces. This often happens to me where a completely random face or figure turns up in someĀ  form of nature.

My partner, could also see other things in the abstract shapes created by the wood, so I’m interested in what other people can see?

Advent Blog… December 8th

A beautiful bouquet of flowers at home, now past their best, made me think to search through the many photographs I have of wild flowers.

These were taken earlier this year on a trip round a local wood, only open to the public once a year. While there are many rare wild flowers protected in this place, who doesn’t like a beautiful bluebell.

I spotted our guides mode of transport, propped up on the edge of the wood … and you don’t get more modern than this!