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Winter 2012 – Mellis Photo Shoot Day…s

Friday 28th Dec 2012 and Thursday 3rd Jan 2013

Due to the success of the Summer Photography Day Special back in August, I’m setting up another Photo Shoot day…. well two actually, as there is a choice of dates.

This time it will be here in Mellis over the Christmas and New Year period, when sometimes it is the only opportunity families have to get together.

As before, not one, but FOUR SPECIAL OFFERS – available on those days and open to all, businesses included!

It would also make an ideal Christmas gift!

For full details of the packages available on the day, download the information sheet:


To book your slot, email pennyjm@gmail.com or,
telephone 0845 257 2038.

You can also download and view the following flyer.

Oh and don’t forget… please bring some of your warm Christmas cheer with you…


Sarah’s ‘zookeeper’ day at Whipsnade…

A friend of mine, earlier in the year, was bought a very special birthday present by her husband… to be Zookeeper for a day at Whipsnade. Being a big animal lover, she was more than a little excited and got to see and assist with a lot of the tasks that go on behind the scenes at a zoo. Anything from mucking out the rhinos… to making up happy meals for the chimps!

We followed her as far as were allowed and captured some of the things she got up to. At the same time photographed many of the animals brilliantly cared for at Whipsnade.

Only a few days later, one of the elephants, Azizah, gave birth to her third baby, weighing in at 16 stone and was 5 weeks overdue!

Sarah’s photos.