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Quick tips to consider when taking part in online meetings…

As we are all plunged into a situation never experienced before and not wishing to go on about what we can’t do, I’m trying (like many of us) to focus on what we can do.

I’ve listed a few quick tips for you to consider when engaging in online meetings, so you can be seen and heard clearly, communicate effectively, be professional, but also be yourself:

As with any meeting, make sure you are ready beforehand – This might mean making sure you have any relevant notes and/or writing materials to hand. Know who is going to initiate contact with who and that you have the right software on your device/computer. Make sure your video and audio are switched on and working and is at a reasonable audio sound level.

Face the best source of available light in your room – to avoid your face being in almost darkness, make sure you are well lit, even if its just natural light in front of you and avoid bright daylight streaming through a window behind you. This should help reduce the camera on your device from constantly trying to adjust the exposure as you move around in front of it.

Consider what distractions there may be and try to minimise – many of us will be holding our conversations from a home office and its your choice if you wish to roll up to your meeting in your PJ’s… but, its a good idea to close doors and windows to minimise people and pets walking in, outside traffic noise or roadworks and perhaps remove that stand of washing that’s behind your chair!

Have the camera on your computer at eye level – if your camera level is too low, others will have a lovely view straight up your nose, it’s a very unflattering angle for you and is not the level we communicate with people when we are face to face. A simple pile of books, or a small box might just be sufficient to raise your device. Have your monitor as close to vertical as possible.

Try to hold eye contact with the camera lens in your device – its more tempting to watch the other persons face on the monitor, but, that means you are unlikely to be holding eye contact. Maintaining good eye contact shows the other person you are giving them your full attention.

Allow for a small time delay when responding to speak online – always speak clearly and try not to talk over someone, or jump into the conversation too quickly. Allow an extra moment before responding to speak, that way you minimise having to ask the other person to repeat what they said.

Happy and productive meetings everyone – please get in touch should you need further advise.


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Animate Your Image


Video… hang on, I’ve never talked about video before??

Are you one of those people who find yourself saying “I really should get started with video marketing”? What holds you back? Is it technical know-how, or perhaps not knowing what to say, or just complete fear of putting yourself in front of the camera?

Perhaps you are like many others and are now watching several self made videos online. You probably watch some all the way through and are happy with what you’ve seen and learned, or just been thoroughly entertained… it did what it said on the tin! But how many do you tire of all too soon and switch off? It’s pretty important to understand ‘why’ you like some and not others, if you are going to start creating your own.

Creating your own video doesn’t replace working with a professional videographer, but getting to grips with it, can set you up to confidently engage with and grow your audience, because today it’s all about building that trust and engagement. Photographs and videos can be the first thing people ever see of you.

Let me ask you this – if you were to employ yourself to represent your business or company in photographs, presentations and videos … do you think you’d get the job?

Hang on… I’m a photographer, I’ve not talked about video before, so what’s going on? Firstly, I’m not about to venture into this skill set. Having always concentrated on helping people be more confident in front of the camera for photographs, it’s been a natural progression to also build people’s skills and confidence in front of the camera for video.

You have the perfect resource to use… that’s yourself, because you and what you do, are who your audience are interested in. Learning to develop these skills is within your reach.

On the 23rd May, I will be running a half day Video Presentation Skills workshop just outside Bury St Edmunds, in collaboration with MarleyBird Communications, focusing on the importance of ‘what you should say’ and ‘how you should say it‘ to create great marketing content without costing you much more than your time.

Be one of those businesses others talk about, recommend and share your videos.

'I've really got to get to grips with Video Marketing'
‘I’ve really got to get to grips with Video Marketing’

Video Presentation Skills Workshop