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Virtual Photography… is it something you can actually have?

As small business owners and self employed, what is the one thing that has a big thread of commonality to all of us and the way we currently work… ?

… and what’s the one thing that could be missing from your marketing material in the way you keep in touch and continue to help your customers and clients?

We are all working ONLINE!

We’re not able to meet face to face, but we’re doing our best to stay visible and stay in touch, whether that’s on the phone, or using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom… it’s become the norm. But does your marketing material reflect that?

What if you could have photographs of you actually online with someone… and have them taken from the safety and comfort of your home or working area?

Staying in touch with customers and clients
Zoom calls on just about any platform.

Capturing you, capturing your personality and actively showing how you stay in touch and continue to support your customers and clients…. perhaps you didn’t realise you have gaps in your marketing??

You can continue to help and support your customers online.

I’ve discovered many different businesses have kept in touch with their client base, providing support and advice, in the absence of being able to be ‘hands on’ … but I’ve not seen the evidence??

We still gain so much from a friendly face and the support and advice they can provide.
Just talking to someone and giving them your time, strengthens your customer relations during this lockdown.

In an online conversation with a valued contact, I quote “I diagnose a great deal for my clients by simply talking to them” … how valuable and essential during this time!!

So isn’t it a good idea to show this? The relationships you continue to look after in whatever way you can, will be greatly appreciated and highly valued – let people know you are there for them.


Images copyright of Penny Morgan Photography

‘I could never be on stage!’

The driving factor of networking is to engage with people, promote your business and build those trusted relationships for future work.  Being amongst 30 – 40 people together in a room, grabbing a coffee just to separate a little from the throng and watch. Listening to one conversation while eaves dropping on three others in your periphery. All kinds of folk, suited and booted, leopard print heels, jeans, casual shirts and the odd donkey jacket.

The organisers are making introductions, surreptitiously moving the participants in the ever changing dynamic of the room. PA, PR, building management and a holistic health practitioner is just brushing the surface of the gathered expertise. The noise, the communication, the body language, to be heard and observed. You could interject with a yes or no, a nod or a smile. Listening to people, don’t we all like to talk about ourselves? Looking for common ground, shared ethics and views, commonality is the driver.

But what has being on stage got to do with any of this? 

What if running your own business or a valued member of a bigger organisation could be likened to being in the best production you’ll ever perform in? You don’t have to learn a script, you already know it inside out… it’s the business you work in… and being yourself. Your personality, the way you dress, stand, behave and share your skills and knowledge of what you do, all tell an unfolding unique story of authenticity, honesty and personal leadership. How many of the connections you make leave you wanting to hear more, like you might in a gripping production?

Stop the room and bring a camera in, many of the participants will melt into the wings and tuck themselves away from the forefront, they will appear distracted and their demeanour will change. But helping people to be themselves, help them get over their apprehension and nerves, in front of the greatest audience they could wish for, is all the camera is facilitating… something we here at PMP Towers have made part of our own unique production.

What’s your experience networking and do you find it easy to be yourself?

Image copyright of Penny Morgan Photography